Norse Gods

The six god posters are from a series that was drawn by the artist back in the 1990s and have through the years been in constant demand.

These are detailed posters that show the gods and around them, you can see the main characters in their stories and how they impact them.

The size is A2 and they come on quality 250g silk paper (4+0).
A2 is 420×594 millimeters or 16.54 ×23.39inches.

These can also be delivered in A3.

Note that the exact size can vary based on the dimensions of the original.

Minimum order is one of each – Price directly from this website is if you only take one post is €12 + VAT (six posters are €72, plus packaging)

50 copies, cost €5.5
100 copies, cost €4.7
200 copies, cost €4.2
VAT not included and further discounts apply for bigger orders.

Shipping comes on top of this, the cost of that depends on the type of shipping. Each poster comes with a description in English and German (other languages possible)

To get more information, please send us an email using the following form: