In the media

Haukur Halldórsson has appeared in media all over the world. Here are some samples from his coverage in the media.

Yggdrasil Divination Deck (English, January 2019)
Llewellyn Publications has published a deck of 81 divination cards illustrated by Haukur that brings the wisdom of Norse mythology to life.

Hogen fra Island udstiller i Ubjerg (Danish, July 2017)
Coverage about an exhibition held in honour of his 80th birthday.

The Arctic Henge: A magnificent construction (English, Juli 2016)
Artist Haukur Halldórsson designed the monument which consists of a series of circles and basalt columns places according to a complex system based on Norse mythology.

Vi er jo begge konger (Norwegian, June 2015)
An article about a trip Haukur made to Norway where he met King Harald and his wife Queen Sonja.

Lithvörf – Portrait of an artist (Icelandic, March 2015)
A five-minute-long interview with Haukur about his Edda Garden Theme Garden.